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Griffin Editions


Print Production Manager /

Fine Art Printer


Griffin Editions

Working as the print production manager of the digital photographic department at this New York-based studio was an outstanding experience where I oversaw the printing of large-scale works for incredibly talented artists worldwide. 

In this role, my responsibilities included supervising and coordinating the color and black-and-white digital fine art printing team and facilities. I managed a team of retouchers, printers and support staff, ensuring seamless operations and maintaining the highest standards in print quality. 

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Cindy Sherman - MoMA Retrospective

FAFNY 13 install_7_675_450.jpg

Le Corbusier, Cindy Sherman, Roe Etheridge, Shirin Neshat, Dan Graham, Ryan McGinley, Jerry Shatzberg

Cindy Sherman Murals

Working alongside artist Cindy Sherman and Griffin Editions on the creation of larger-than-life murals was an incredibly unique and enriching experience. Cindy Sherman is renowned for her groundbreaking work in photography, particularly her self-portraits that challenge traditional notions of identity and representation.

Being an integral part of this process, from the initial mockup to the final museum installation, speaks to my expertise and contribution in bringing these murals to life. Each unique mural was created as part of Cindy Sherman’s retrospective tour for museums around the world including MoMA, QAGOMA, SFMOMA, Venice Bienale and more.

Creating large-scale paneled prints or "wallpaper" that feature decorative backgrounds and Cindy Sherman's distinctive self-portraits added an extra layer of complexity and artistry to the project. The meticulous tasks of printing, paneling, and ensuring the seamless installation in multiple museum settings was a comprehensive collaboration with Cindy’s team and the museum curaters at every stage of the artistic journey.

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