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Avery Products Corp

As a member of the marketing design team, I played a pivotal role in crafting compelling social media and marketing content that resonated with our audience.

From ideation to the final distribution, my responsibilities spanned the entire creative process. I contributed to the development of captivating concepts, storyboarding the visual narrative, and overseeing the production of film and photography shoots. 


Video Content Creator /

Art Director



That's our jam _ MockupB copy.jpg

Custom Labels / That's Our Jam

Collaborating with the marketing team, we embarked on a creative journey to forge innovative connections with our audience through social channels. In my role as the art director and designer of this short ad, the focal point was showcasing the impeccable high-resolution quality of our printing process, unfolding seamlessly from a close up view of the production to the bigger picture of the final packaging product. With concept development, storyboarding, 3D modeling, and motion design, I sculpted a narrative that encapsulates the essence of Avery’s craftsmanship.

Quality Brands Deserve 
Quality Labels

Capturing the essence of the exquisite materials our labels are crafted from, this shoot concentrated on immersive close-ups, meticulously highlighting the distinct characteristics that define each label material. From the luxurious textures to the vibrant colors, every detail was brought to life through the lens, creating a visual symphony that underscores the unparalleled quality synonymous with Avery labels. This visual journey serves as an effortless testament to the premium brand experience one can attain by choosing Avery labels.

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